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Attack of the Clones

“The Sixth Day,” “Jurassic Park,” “Multiplicity,” and “The Island” are all popular movies that illustrate the real potential for cloning uses in our society. These movies were all released within the last twenty years and, at the time,  they were laughed more »

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A 21st Century David v. Goliath

You have probably pirated copyrighted material. This is not an accusation, but a fact. The internet-savvy readers of this blog likely have an above-average rate of piracy, which statistics show is rampant even among the general population. We have all more »

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Draw. Print. Shoot.

As I look at my dad’s old school Dot Matrix printer still sitting in his office next to my HP double sided color printer, I can see before my eyes how fast technology is changing. I can’t help but ponder more »

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Drop that phone! You’re under arrest!

Many states have now banned texting while driving. However, these laws may have implications that the legislatures could not have predicted. Here’s a likely scenario for you. After inviting a friend over for pizza and drinks, you text her, “ETA?” more »

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Student Privacy: The Price for Student Safety

Idyllic, warm, and sunny suburban Los Angeles—a perfect setting for the country’s latest clash between individual privacy rights and providing for the public’s security. Glendale Unified School District has recently contracted Geo Listening, a private Southern California company, to monitor more »

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Post-Kappos – Rethinking USPTO Efficiency

It’s no secret that when David Kappos took the reins of the USPTO in mid-2009, a major focus of his administration would be on reducing the backlog of outstanding patent applications significantly. Now that his departure as head of the more »

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Online Postings, Personal Info, IP & Privacy

When people post a restaurant review on Yelp, an advertisement for an apartment or an old TV on Craigslist, or a hotel review on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Craigslist, and TripAdvisor all receive value from the posting. Their business models depend on more »

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Stay Tuned

School’s starting up, and we’re coming back strong! -The META Team

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Why You Should Be Scared of TV

Er, the future of TV, at least. Yes. TV has a future, and it is coming fast. You should probably take a second to think about it, because this: Hulu Will Require Cable Subscription Sure, Hulu is heavily comprised of more »

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“Hi, And You Are?” Living and working in the Age of ‘e-dentity’

I came across a fascinating post a few days ago. The author, Remco Janssen, premised the post on a simple yet daunting question: “Who are you online?” Janssen explored the concept of one’s “digital identity.” The post got me thinking, more »

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