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Hey! That’s Mine!

Pardon the length of this post essay. The Fourth Amendment is important. The rights it protects are important. And technology and law are fighting here just as much as privacy and the needs of law enforcement. That said… Get. Out. more »

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Unreasonable Search and Seizure, Michigan Edition

Good morning, Big Brother! ACLU Seeks Records about State Police Searches of Cellphones: The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan urged the Michigan State Police (MSP) today to release information regarding the use of portable devices which can be used more »

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Yahoo! Flip-Flops on Data Retention Promises

Just in case you were wondering, Yahoo! still exists…and it wants your data: Yahoo! plans to keep search records for 18 months: Yahoo plans to extend the amount of time it retains records on what its users search for online, more »

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We are Law Students, Hear us Whimper (quietly…in the corner…from beneath a pile of study aids)

It’s that time again. You’ll have to forgive us for any lack of cutting-edge, mindblowing, and/or lifechanging content over the next few weeks. Finals are upon us, which means it’s time to panic start studying those outlines we started at more »

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YouTube’s Copyright School

YouTube has created this Nickelodeon-esque cartoon video to educate content pirates (arrrr) about copyright infringement. In the four-and-a-half minute lesson, the image below is how fair use is described. It’s all true, sure, but my question is, what happens when more »

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The 9th Circuit to the Winklevi: “Go Away”

Somebody had to say it: Court ruling says Winklevoss twins must accept facebook deal Mark Zuckerberg won a legal battle against former Harvard classmates who accuse him of stealing their idea for Facebook, but the feud made famous on the more »

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Define “Television”

There is a lot of hoopla surrounding Time Warner Cable’s iPad app, which allows TW subscribers (who also subscribe to TW’s broadband internet), to watch live TV on their iPads. Before they could see if there might be any benefit more »

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Fair Use Fixes

The general census from copyright scholars, and virtually everyone except the Big Copyright Lawyers, is that copyright law today is all screwed up. You hear a lot about how the Big Bad RIAA and the devilish MPAA spend tens of more »

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This Time, Big Brother Was Actually Watching

You know your business has jumped the shark when you get busted for serious safety violations by a government bureaucrat sitting on his couch watching Spike TV: Mine in TV Show “Coal” Gets Fined for Endangering Miners The first episode more »

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My Network is Your Network

AT&T and Verizon just got Chevron‘d: AT&T, Verizon Forced to Let Rivals Use Networks for Data AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless must let smaller competitors use their networks for mobile Internet service under rules approved today by a divided Federal more »

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